K. Visalini

K.Visalini is the wonder girl who has displayed her outstanding capabilities to reach the zenith at a very tender age. Her accomplishments and accolades have authenticated that she is the World’s youngest child to achieve such great heights. Born to a Tamil family in Tirunelveli, TamilNadu, India, K.Visalini has always been a wonder child. Visalini has secured 5 World Records and 12 International Certifications. She has filled her house with innumerable Certificates, Prize cups, trophies and medals. She has been directly admitted as an Exceptional Candidate in B.Tech for her achievements in this young age.

The greatest moment of her life was when her parents received a call from the PMO stating that the Honourable PM of India, Shri. Narendra Modi wanted to meet their daughter. PM Narendra Modi said that "Visalini, Whatever you have achieved in this young age is a great service to our country India". Another beautiful feather in her cap was when she delivered the Keynote Address at Google India Summit, New Delhi for an hour among international delegates where she was honoured with the title of "The Youngest Google Speaker". Child prodigy, K.Visalini at the age of 15, was invited by Indian Space Research Organization (ISRO) to deliver a lecture to 700+ Scientists of ISRO on the topic "The Power of Networking - It is not just a buzz word".


Dr. Mylswamy Annadurai Avl.

"Visalini possess a very high level of intelligence and ability to complete challenging tasks far beyond her age."
- Padmashri Dr. Mylswamy Annadurai,
                                    Director, ISRO

PM  Shri. Narendra Modi Avl.

"Visalini, Whatever you have achieved in this young age is a great service to our country India"
           - Hon'ble Prime Minister of India                        Shri. Narendra Modi Avl.

Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam Avl.

Young Prodigy Visalini was honoured twice ie, when she was 3 and 14 years old, for her achievements by the former President of India, who also motivated her to achieve more.


"Congratulations Visalini and wish you luck for your successful future endeavours."
                           - Mr. K.R.Sanjiv, CTO
                                           WIPRO Ltd.

President, IEEE

"I feel honoured and delighted to meet you Visalini. Your accolades far now, is greatly commendable"
                  - Mr. Roger Fujii, President,
                        IEEE Computer Society.


"Visalini, Certainly your unique background and potential astounds me. Feeling happy to meet you dear."
           - Dr. Michael K.J. Milligan, CEO,
                                        ABET, USA

Chairman, IOB

"Visalini please accept my hearty congratulations on your successful achievements in this young age. I wish you All the best to come out with flying colours in your future endeavours."
                    - Mr. Narendra,  CMD, IOB

Lecture to ISRO Scientists

Visalini was invited by ISRO Satellite Centre and had delivered a lecture to 700+ Scientists of ISRO on the topic of "The Power of Networking - It is not just a buzz word" for 2 hours when she was just 15 years old.

Kalasalingam University

Visalini was admitted in Kalasalingam University, Tamil Nadu, India as an exceptional Candidate in B.Tech CSE programme for her remarkable accomplishments and accolades in this young age.

Youngest Google Speaker

Visalini who was the Distinguished Guest & Keynote Speaker of Google India Summit, New Delhi was honored as the "Youngest Google Speaker".

Youngest TEDx Speaker

The Youngest TEDx Speaker in the World is 11 years old Visalini. She was invited as the Chief Guest for 2 TEDx Conferences at the age of 11

Youngest Keynote Speaker

11 years old girl Visalini was Invited as the Chief Guest for 10 International Conferences and had delivered Keynote addresses there.

Times Now News Channel telecasted 30 minutes Documentary Film about her as The Amazing Indian -Visalini

Seminar to IT Professionals

Young Prodigy Visalini was invited by Indian Overseas Bank, Central Office, India for delivering Seminar to the IT professionals headed by the GM (IT), and she gave 2 hours lecture about Networking & Cloud Computing

Seminar to Engg Students

11 years old Indian School girl Visalini Conducted Seminars for B.E, B.Tech, M.Tech Final Year Students of various Engineering Colleges and Universities about Networking and Cloud Computing

Seminar to Engg Professors

11 years old Child Prodigy Visalini conducted Seminars for Professors, HODs of various Engineering Colleges and Universities about Networking and Cloud Computing when she was pursuing her schooling.

Google India Summit

Visalini, a Student from Tirunelveli, was invited as a Distinguished Speaker and delivered a Keynote address for one hour at Google India Summit, held at New Delhi

Youngest CCNA in the World

In CCNA International Certification, 10 years old Indian girl Visalini broke the record of the 12 years old Pakisthani Boy. Now she is the "Youngest CCNA World Record Holder".

Keynotes @ IN Conferences

Young Visalini had been the Chief Guest and Keynote Speaker and also released the Conference Proceedings in an International Conferences held at various forums.

Univ of Medicine, New Jersey

"Visalini, It was an honor & a great pleasure knowing you during your presence in the International Conference"- Syed Haque, Chairman,
      University of Medicine, New Jersey

Korea University

When Visalini was a 11 years old kid, Dr. Bong Dae Choi, Director from Korea University honoured and appreciated and encouraged her to achieve big skies.

World Records University

When Visalini was a 12 years old child, Dr. Thomas Bain, Dean of World Records University, London honoured her for her distinguished accolades and also wished her to achieve more.