K.Visalini is the wonder girl who has displayed her outstanding capabilities to reach the zenith at a very tender age. Her accomplishments and accolades have authenticated that she is the World’s youngest child to achieve such great heights.

Born to a Tamil family in Tirunelveli district, Tamil Nadu, India,   K.Visalini  D/o  Mr. Kalyana Kumaraswamy has always been a wonder child. Visalini has secured 5 World Records and 13 International Certifications. She has filled her house with innumerable Certificates, Prize cups, trophies and medals.

Visalini's rapid growth and mind development enhanced her learning ability. She has secured Double Promotion twice in academics in her school. Her amazing mental skill was well understood and appreciated by authorities of the school who permitted her to complete her schooling at her fast pace. During this time, she developed a keen interest in Computer Networking, at a very tender age of 10 and continued to perform well in academics also.

Visalini has been directly admitted as an Exceptional Candidate in B.Tech program , by discontinuing her 9 grade of school for her remarkable achievements at Kalasalingam University, India. Even though she was much younger than her batchmates, she exhibited her capability in academics by securing the all-time first rank in her Department. The most remarkable achievement in her career is that, she completed the 4 years Undergraduate Engineering program (B.Tech) within 3 years with a GPA of 9.6 out of 10 and excelled with Honors - B.Tech (Honors).

The greatest moment of her life was when her parents received a call from the Prime Minister Office, New Delhi stating that the Honourable PM of India, Shri. Narendra Modi wanted to meet their daughter. Thus she got an opportunity to interact face to face with our honourable Prime Minister of India. Her excitement knew no bounds when she met him. She greeted him in the traditional South Indian way by saying “Vanakkam” in Tamil. The Prime Minister reciprocated by saying “Vanakkam” in Tamil inturn. The Hon'ble Indian Prime Minister Shri. Narendra Modi also said that "Visalini, Whatever you have achieved in this young age is a great service to our country India". He was full of appreciation for all the achievements of Visalini and wished her luck for her future endeavors. She says that the interaction she had with the Prime Minister Shri. Narendra Modi is the most memorable event in her life. The Praise she received from Mr. Karunakaran, the District collector of Tirunelveli is note worthy. He said that Visalini would play a major role in the Indian IT Industry.

The child prodigy, K.Visalini at the age of 15, was invited by Indian Space Research Organization  (ISRO)  to deliver a lecture to 700+ Scientists of  ISRO on the topic "The Power of Networking - It is not just a buzz word". The lecture elaborated the concepts of BigData, IOT and suggested ways and means to improve the Indian IT business environment and turnover in comparison to other global players. She stunned the elite, highly knowledgeable and professionally updated ISRO Scientists during the interaction session by answering all their questions with precision and confidence. After her session, all the scientists, Director Padmashree Dr. Mylswamy Annadurai and everyone present in the ISRO Auditorium, honoured her with a standing ovation. Dr. Mylswamy Annadurai, Director, ISRO Satellite Center presented her with a Mangalyan Satellite, which was sent to Mars by ISRO and wished her luck in all her future endeavors. It was a great privilege and a milestone in her career.

Her contribution did not stop with the lecture but, she worked on a massive project at the tender age of 15  for ISRO. The project was named ISRO Satellite Center - Visalini's Network Management System (ISAC-VNMS). After the completion of the project, it was presented in front of the council members and was submitted to the Nation. It was the first time in Indian history, that a 15 years old, was invited by ISRO for delivering a lecture for the scientists and worked on project for the Indian Nation. But, Visalini holds this pride.

Visalini was honoured twice at the age of 3 and 14, for her achievements by the President of India, Dr. APJ. Abdul Kalam.

At the age of 10, the Chancellor of Kalasalingam University, Tamil Nadu Dr. K. Sridharan, introduced her to the world of Networking, informing her parents to provide her exposure in this field to become well-trained in the track of Networking.

K.Visalini was able to clear the world’s toughest examinations delivered by World's popular MNCs like Cisco, Microsoft, Oracle, Checkpoint, EXIN, British Council, IDP Australia, International Software Testing Board at a very tender age. These examinations are found to be an herculean task even for those who have completed their B.E , B.Tech, M.Tech.

She has an outstanding capability of grasping things and rare speed of learning any course with ease.

She has broken the record of the 12 year old Pakistani boy Irtiza Haider by cracking the CCNA examination at the age of 10 and thus becoming the Youngest CCNA in the World.

She became the Youngest IELTS in the World, at the age of 11, by breaking the record of the 12 years old Pakistani girl Sitara Brooj.

Visalini already holds 12 International Certifications from her 10 years.

She has created 5 World records which are as follows:
The Highest IQ in the World - IQ level 225
The Youngest CCNA World Record holder
The Youngest IELTS World Record holder
The Youngest CCSA World Record holder
The Youngest Exin Cloud computing World Record holder

She is so well versed that she was able to develop her own website within 24 hours (1 day) when she was 11 years old. (www.kvisalini.com)

This highly motivated girl has been privileged to be a Chief Guest and Keynote Speaker in 10 International Conferences held on an International scale, when she was 11 years old. These conference are usually attended by International Scholars, Researchers and Educationalists who pay Rs.10000 to Rs.25000 to reserve an audience seat. She has had these elite people from various countries as her audience right from when she was 11 years old. No other child in the World has been gifted to receive this honour.

Another feather in her cap was when she delivered the Keynote Address on “Cloud Computing in Google apps for Education” for an hour at New Delhi among international delegates from around 75 countries in the Google India Summit. She was honoured with the title of "The Youngest Google Speaker" during this summit.

In India too, she has been invited as the Chief Guest and Keynote Speaker to address renowned intellectuals at various International Conferences held at Delhi, Haryana, Chennai, Madhya Pradesh, Bangalore, Mangalore, Coorg to name a few. She has addressed many experts on various tech-specifications and features of Computer Networking and many other latest technologies like, Cloud computing, Big Data, IOT and therefore has established India’s Fame in the World arena.

She takes pride in receiving the title “The Youngest TEDx Speaker in the world” on being invited to speak in the TEDx conference twice when she was 11 years old.

At the age of 11, HCL Technologies crowned her as THE PRIDE OF INDIA . She also received an appreciation from Dr.Thomas Bain, the Dean of World Records University – London.

Furthermore, Visalini was invited by Indian Overseas Bank, Central Office, India for Delivering a lecture to the expert IT professionals headed by the General Manager (IT), where she delivered lecture for two hours on “Concept of Networking and Cloud Computing”. The Chairman and Managing Director of Indian Overseas Bank Shri. M.Narendra and the Director on board of IOB, Shri. Ananda Kumar were so impressed by her talent, that they placed her photo as a "Precious Customer" of Indian Overseas Bank. This was a remarkable Milestone and a great experience which boosted her career, because the photos of individual are never placed in a bank that too, a Government entity.

In her quest to move higher she also started teaching others. Initially, Visalini started delivering Lectures for B.E , B.Tech and M.Tech students at various Engineering colleges and Universities about Networking. Now she has moved further by delivering lectures for Professors, HODs, Principals and Professionals too. Even though most of her audience is always 10 to 40 years older than her, she is able to address them with confidence and clarity. At the end of each session the audience is satisfied by the answers they get from her.

SBS Australia, Head Quartered at New South Wales, Australia which was initiated by Common Wealth of Australia and is Australia's the most popular Radio and News Corporation honoured 13 years old Visalini by broadcasting her interview for half hour in 174 Countries & 74 Languages and praised her by stating that “The Most Intelligent Human on Earth is a Tamil Girl”.

Times Now English News channel went a step ahead by visiting Visalini’s house, and staying there for 2 days to gather information about her. All this information was compiled together as a Documentary film portraying “Amazing Indian – K.Visalini”. This was telecasted on the news channel for half hour.

Department of Science and Technology, NewDelhi had honored her with "INSPIRE AWARD".

Her name is enlisted in the Tamil Nadu Book of Records. Visalini was honoured as THE PRIDE OF TIRUNELVELI CITY by Tirunelveli corporation Mayor Vijila Satyananth.

Visalini’s talent and achievements have been deeply applauded by the World. Indian Medias have rejoiced and glorified her achievements.

This great child of Tamil Nadu has been felicitated by the Professionals & Scholars of various countries like America, Canada, UK, France, Australia, Italy, Belgium, South Korea, South Africa, Sri Lanka, Netherland, Indonesia, Thailand, Singapore, Dubai, Saudi Arabia, Malaysia etc...

She has changed the perspective of people by making Tirunelveli not only famous for Halwa but also for Intellect, lore & perception in the global platform.

Visalini who was born to Mr. S. Kalyana Kumaraswamy & Mrs. S. Sethu Ragamaliga was a wonder child right from her birth. She was a weak premature baby and was in incubator for long days. As a child she had to bear with many health problems. A majority of doctors had given up on her and stated that she would never speak throughout her life. This was very depressing and disheartening for her parents to such an extent that they had given up hope on her. But as every dark cloud has a silver lining, a Godsend Doctor suggested that her mother to talk to her for 20 hours per day. He quoted “Talk to your child today and the world will talk about her tomorrow”.This theory worked wonderfully for Visalini. Due to the unfailing and continuous efforts of her mother, baby Visalini finally spoke her first word when she was 9 months old and stunned all those who once said there was no future for this child. She began to speak very fast and clear since then. On her first birthday , she recited Sanskrit slokas at local temples, astonishing everyone around.

Her mother used to teach her a lot of things in Tamil which completely shaped her mind and sharpened her retention capacity. When she was 2 years old, she was way more intelligent and confident than any other child and was brilliant enough to deliver her first stage program at her home town, with an audience of about 1000 people. Her mother was overwhelmed at her daughter’s ability of retaining things and answering questions quickly and at ease. Doctor suggested Visalini to take an IQ Test so that her extra ordinary mental ability and growth could be assessed. Surprisingly, she had an IQ of 225.

Hard work and determination helped her achieve success and chase her dreams. Endless patience helped her achieve what all she has in her hands today. Also, the great sacrifice of her parents for educating their only child proved worthwhile as Visalini flourished to be a brilliant child, much better than children of her age. Visalini’s parents always went an extra mile and did everything possible for nurturing the genius in their child. This shows the amount of love and responsibility parents hold in bringing up this child prodigy, ensuring and desiring the best of everything for her.

Visalini's adventurous voyage of achievements and accomplishments will never end.


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