Lectured at 11 Years!

Aug 27, 2018|

Starting from my 11 years of age, I began delivering Lectures at numerous technical forums at various Engineering Colleges and Universities on different technical themes related to Computer Science. My audience included Undergraduate, Graduate Students, Researchers at the beginning and further escalated with Professors, Heads of the Departments, Principals as well as Professionals.

It was really winsome to me during and after my sessions as, my audience are usually 10 to 40 years older than me, yet it always increases my responsibility to handle my session to the full satisfaction of my audience.

My sessions were never been a monologue, at the end comes my favorite part that is the Interaction with the audience. I believe that, my answers gratified their questions and doubts.

It is most memorable one in my life as, it leaped me to show off a dimension..

Thanks to the almighty for bestowing me such a wonderful opportunity..

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